Scheduling Mobile DEXA Lab

Body and Bone are proud to now offer DEXA scans and Metabolic testing across Sydney from our purpose-built Mobile Lab.

Using state of the art DEXA and Metabolic Testing technology, the Body and Bone Mobile Lab will open your client training programs to an exciting new dimension of progress tracking.

Our purpose-built Mobile Lab can be booked by gyms, PT’s, fitness groups and GP’s across Sydney and surrounds.

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Why have a DEXA scan?

An exciting new way to track the progress of your clients.


Bodyandbone-Plus-iconIncrease your client satisfaction

Increase client satisfaction by offering a range of highly-specialised medical-grade body measurement and testing services right at your gym or studio doorstep.

Bodyandbone-Plus-iconTrack the progress of your clients

For personal trainers, DEXA scans give you the ability to track changes in your clients’ body composition. This can be used as a vital tool to show clients when they are losing fat and gaining muscle.

Bodyandbone-Plus-iconConvenience for you and your clients

We bring our specialised services directly to you and your clients! We only require a level parking area and a 240V power outlet to operate our fully equipped lab.

Bodyandbone-Plus-iconAttract and retain clients

By packaging our services with yours, you can offer expertise that keeps your current clients motivated as well as attracts new clients to your business.

A Mobile DEXA Day makes great business sense.

Bodyandbone-Plus-icon-white  Add value to your business

Now you can offer your clients the gold standard in Body Composition measurement without the hassle of investing in expensive equipment.

Bodyandbone-Plus-icon-white  Support when you need it

We simplify the whole process by setting up an online booking system for your Mobile DEXA Lab Day, making it easy and convenient for your clients to book an appointment.

Now you can bring DEXA right to your gym or studio doorstep!

What can my clients expect?

Your clients will get the same great Body and Bone service when getting a DEXA scan in our Mobile DEXA Lab.

To help your clients prepare for their DEXA scan, please instruct them to arrive 5 minutes before their appointment so they can fill in a new client form. They’ll also need to wear clothing free from metal (zips or buttons), preferably underwear, shorts and t-shirt or similar. We have disposable gowns available if needed.

To have a scan, they’ll simply be asked to lie flat on the padded table while the arm of the machine passes over their body. The scan only takes 10 around minutes and they’ll get a copy of their report to take home. Too easy!

Contact us to secure a scan day at your gym or studio NOW!

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