Hello, we are Body and Bone.

We are your premier destination for body composition, resting metabolic rate and bone mineral density testing.

We are a health-focused clinic conveniently located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, right in the heart of Bondi Junction. We use the highest quality DEXA scanner on the market for measuring your body composition (fat and muscle percentages) and bone mineral density (osteoporosis), as well as top of the line equipment for measuring your metabolic rate (how many calories you burn per day).


We’re here to help you get started and get on track to a happier and healthier you.

There are others out there just like you, with issues, goals and experiences. So, stop worrying and write down those goals! Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or just get your health under control, we’re building a community so that you no longer have to go at it alone.

Here at Body and Bone, we promote a welcoming and open environment, where we test and consult health-minded people of all fitness abilities and experience.

We believe in taking a medical approach to fitness and well-being.

We specialise in helping you improve your health using only the best medical-grade technologies. We believe in bringing the best technologies to you, because you only get one body in this lifetime, and it’s worth looking after.

At Body and Bone we aim to improve your health, whether you’re just starting out and need direction, or if you’re already training and need to tweak your current regime. We’ve worked with hospitals, clinics and practices around Australia, and now we’re bringing those same technologies to you.


We offer individualised services by fully-accredited professionals.

Our philosophy is to provide individualised services for each client, using the very best equipment, and only employing qualified and fully-accredited staff to perform our tests, scans and consultations.

The Body and Bone medical approach to health and fitness has raised the standards of safety, professionalism and effectiveness within the fitness industry and is regarded as a leader in ‘best practice’ methodology.

Why Choose Body and Bone?

Bodyandbone-Plus-iconWe use the highest resolution DEXA

For our Body Composition and Bone Density scans, we use the Medilink DR DEXA. With a powerful 256 element detector, it’s twice as sensitive as it’s nearest competitor. In simple terms, this means our DEXA scans your body at different depths, not just one, providing you with the most accurate and high resolution images available.

Bodyandbone-Plus-iconOpen late on Tues, Wed & Thurs!

We’re making great health and fitness testing services accessible and affordable to any health-minded individual. Previously these types of services were only ever found in universities, medical or sports research clinics, but not anymore! Plus, we know you’re time-poor so with our online booking system and extended hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so you can be sure to get an appointment with one of our specialists whenever it suits you.

Bodyandbone-Plus-iconWeekend Appointments

In our commitment to servicing customers at convenient times Body and Bone allows bookings on Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.