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The clinic on Oxford St will close Friday 23rd February. We will reopen on March 5th at our new location 11a Gray St Bondi Junction.


Body and Bone can help you reach your health and fitness goals!


DEXA Body Composition Scan

  • Measure fat, muscle & bone
  • Full body fat scan
  • Track changes


Resting Metabolic Rate Test

  • Measures individual energy levels
  • Precise & accurate results


DEXA Bone Mineral Density Test

  • Spine, Hip and Forearm Scan
  • Orthopaedic bone scan
  • LVA Scan

What is a DEXA Scan?

DEXA or Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry is an advanced, medically-developed technology originally used to assess bone health, but has more recently become the gold standard in body composition measurement.

Bodyandbone-Plus-iconBody and Bone uses the lowest-radiation DEXA to determine your exact ratio of muscle, fat and bone.


Body and Bone DEXA can track any changes in your body fat or muscle mass. Use your report as a baseline before you start a new training program or eating plan.

Bodyandbone-Plus-iconDEXA scans are quick and painless. All you have to do is lie still on the padded bed while a moving arm makes a series of passes over your body. The scan is done is about 5 minutes.

Bodyandbone-Plus-iconOnce the scan is complete, a detailed report will be generated showing your precise body composition fat, lean mass and bone in each part of your body. We’ll also give you a printed PDF of your report.


Unlike mirrors, scales, body calipers or bio-impedance monitors, your DEXA results are not affected by lighting, bad calibration, human error, hydration levels or what you had for breakfast!

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What we do

Measuring your body fat is important, and so is the technology we use.

That’s why at Body and Bone, we use the Medilink MedixDR, the same DEXA Scanner used on Channel Seven’s ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ and ‘Sunrise’.

Come in for a DEXA Body Composition scan at Body and Bone, and you’ll experience the clarity that only comes from Medilink’s 256 element detector.

See the difference!

Discover a smarter way to a healthier you.

We’re aiming to change the way you approach your health and wellness by unleashing the power of innovative, cutting-edge technology.

Your DEXA results will be presented visually in a colour coded x-ray image and in table form listing a breakdown of L/R arm, L/R Leg, Trunk and Head, then total body. After each scan you will receive a comprehensive report detailing your body composition, which can be used to give you valuable feedback about what is happening in your body.
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Experience the Body and Bone Difference

At Body and Bone you can be sure your test, scan or consultation will be performed by our Qualified and Licensed Practitioners’.

Our philosophy is to provide individualised services for each client, using the very best equipment, and only employing qualified and fully-accredited staff to perform our tests and scans.

The Body and Bone difference means you get more than just a DEXA scan from us – you also get a consultation with our Qualified and Licensed Practitioners who are experienced and qualified to interpret your scan results, while giving you helpful health advice!

The Body and Bone medical approach to health and fitness has raised the standards of safety, professionalism and effectiveness within the fitness industry and is regarded as a leader in ‘best practice’ methodology.

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Bodyandbone-Plus-iconHICAPs now available

When you book any scan or test at Body and Bone that includes a full consultation with our accredited Exercise Physiologist, you may be eligible to make a health fund claim on the spot!

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Fact about Body and Bone

Body and Bone uses the DEXA Medix DR scanner for all DEXA scans in the clinic and with our mobile truck. TV’s “The Biggest Loser” show on Channel 10 also uses the Medix DR DEXA scanner as part of the technology used to assess their contestants body fat composition.